Western Wear Style Guide For Your Body Type.


Style is something which is sacred to each and every individual, it is moreover an extension to fashion which does not change at the same pace. Each season we see a variety of new designs hitting the runway and trend-setters influencing us, specially the social media onlookers, like a wave. You might have loved what that Instagram influencer or that Victoria secret model was  wearing on the runway, you might as well have bought the same piece too….but after trying you realized it wasn’t looking as good as you thought it would be! Sounds familiar? Well! We feel you but worry not! We have made you a little guide on how you can accentuate your strong points and totally slay the look!

Before moving further, you need to understand that we all have a “body type” based on weight and shape and in order to highlight your beautiful points, you need to identify our own body type!

So mainly there are three categories according to your body weight

ECTOMORPH- They have relatively a fast-metabolic rate, so, they are mostly skinny. They are likely to have a very little body fat and are basically very lightly muscled. They have long thin limbs with stringy muscles and have a delicate frame and bone structure. They are usually flat-chested with small shoulders. They find it hard to gain weight.

MESOMORPH– Its quite easy for them to gain or loose weight, as they have a large bone structure, large muscles and an athletic physique.

ENDOMORPH– They gain weight a lot easily, they have a round physique and find it hard to lose weight because of the slow metabolic rate.

Now that you know of these categories, you might as well have an idea on which category does your body falls. Now, we are going to divide the body based on shapes. No matter if you are an ecto, endo or meso, your body shape will fall in one or the other following category based on shapes. You just need a measuring tape, and measure your bust, hips and waist area to differentiate it according to the shape.

PEAR SHAPED– If you are a pear-shaped body type, your waist is wider than your bust, you will have fuller hips and narrower shoulders. Flaunt your upper body because it is your strong point, Your power pieces are – V necks, cowl necks, bell sleeves, scoop neck, more fitted or structured tops defines your narrow shoulders and draws attention to your waist. Adding layers  such as long shrugs, jackets or anything that falls beneath your hip region would do wonders to your whole look by balancing the lower and upper half. Say yes to the dresses and play up with sleeves a little bit like puffed sleeves an padded sleeves .. in short adding elements and detailing to your upper body will compensate the whole look. A- line looks perfect on you and that goes for skirts as well! For the lower half go for something solid and subtle, flared styles for the bottom adds a balance to your proportions, You can also choose from a range of crop tops for women online at Deebaco which also offers a variety of summer tops for women online, here are some options:

HOURGLASS BODY TYPE– This body-type is actually a blessing! Its what we call a curvy body type, it has well defined waist and an almost equally proportioned hips and bust. The trick is to flaunt your curves! That’s it. This body type can rock all kind of outfits! You have amazing curves and it’s time to embrace them in body-hugging silhouettes that hit you in all the right places. Anything with a V-neck, wrap tops, peplum blouses, tailored tops will look absolutely beautiful on you! Channel your inner diva and opt for classic silhouettes like the wrap dress or the fit & flare,  these shapes will naturally play up your best features. . Prints and patterns adds a lot of edge the style, try for printed dresses online from DEEBACO, to ace up your fashion game. Long tunics would totally rock this body type, Try Deebaco long tunics online, you will get plethora of designs with comfortable feel to it. Here are some options that you can choose from!

3)APPLE BODY TYPE– If you are an apple body type, your shoulders are broader and most of the weight is around the waist. Breezy, A-line silhouettes, relaxed button ups, V-neck stylish tops for women online and anything that elongates your torso. Try Shrugs and jackets, belt it on to give a defined waist illusion. Try for women’s bottom wear online, like straight cut and boot cut. You can get a lot of designs for western tunics online for this body type specially at DEEBACO.

RECTANGLE BODY-SHAPE– The balance on rectangle body shape is easily obtained like yin and yang! They are not particularly curvy, the waist is not very small or well-defined, but rather straight up and down and the weight is evenly distributed. Now the main motive is to highlight the waist area and give the illusion of an hourglass body type. The rule of thumb is to either keep the volume on top or on the bottom. If you go for an oversized top, keep the bottom fitted or structured. With a more form-fitting top, pick a breezy or more oversized bottoms. Strapless, scoop neck, round neck and a little feminine silhouette will look amazing. If you are an endomorph rectangle-body type, play up what you love: your shoulders, your collarbone, or your arms. If you’d rather downplay your shoulders or elongate your neck, choose a narrower neckline like crew, cowl, or v-neck. To enhance your bust, try statement collars or embellished necklines. You can also up your fashion game with a high neck and an open back (halters are great for you). Buy easy breezy ethnic ,summer tops for women online to slay this body type!

Inverted triangle– your hips and waist are narrower than your shoulders and bust. The key is to accentuate your lower half. Peplum tops, scoop neck (they make collar bone the focal point,) v- neck can do the magic. Try asymmetrical, A-line silhouettes, try shorter dresses that highlights your beautiful lower body. .  Shorts looks great on this body type and you can buy women shorts online  for more options.

Well, I am sure this guide would have been a little help to you! You can get pretty and comfortable cotton tops for women online , specially at Deebaco if comfort and fashion is your call. The comfort plays the most important aspect and Deebaco tops the comfort game like no one and is among the best online shopping sites for women. We are not laying rules here, but they are just some guidelines! Rest you can dress however you want but never forget to carry your confidence and smile, because when you feel great, you look great!

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